What Should We Repent Of As a Nation?


The work of Wheatland Ministries involves research in learning how to best pray and be involved in intercessory prayer.

I am currently reading the book the Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn. In it he identifies 3 spirits affecting our nation, which are the spirits of Defiance, Pride, and Arrogance. I mention them, because we seen many saying we need to repent--and that is in scripture--but there is a question--do we know what we are repenting of?--especially as a nation.

Research is one way we can identify how to pray. What we pray for should be in agreement with scripture.  These three spirits listed above are related to pride, and there is much scripture about pride, and the problems of pride.  A heart full of pride does not seek the Lord. 

This week (week of July 4, 2014) there has been a call to prayer by the National Day of Prayer Task Force-I encourage you to consider what is shared in this blog, and to search for even other things we as a nation need to repent of.

Some may not understand why repentance is so-o-o-o important.There is a verse found in II Chronicles 7:14: If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.


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  • I thought of one word: independence. It is seen in the churches: not depending on God. Depending on programs. Depending on strategies. Not laboring together is another sign of independence. We are an independent people. We made a declaration to that end. We claimed inalienable rights for ourselves, but are unwilling to share these rights with the most vulnerable persons (the unborn & alien) who infringe upon our convenience & threaten our independent spirit. Divorce is a sign of this independent spirit as well: we would choose living alone and dying alone and dying young to serving the needs of another and so living well and living long. Education is pursued as a means to independence, rather than a means to serve and gain wisdom.

    Father in heaven, oh we crave freedom, but have chosen bondage, for we banned appeals to the Liberator and Judge and King and Lawgiver of all the earth! We ignore the cries of the poor and so there are few less educated poor people in church than wealthy educated. We hold our freedom as the highest good, but in fact have enslaved ourselves. Lord, have mercy. Set us free to call out to you. Our missionaries cannot do it alone. Our churches cannot do it alone. Our government cannot do it alone. Our businesses, farms and industries cannot do it alone. Our families cannot do it alone. Lord, we need a word from you. We need to hear Your Voice in the wilderness, over and above all the voices of the din of the world. We need You Jesus. We want to be rich in our own might, and so we are made poor. We want to stand alone and apart as a nation. And so we fall begging for help from those whose help is fickle. Lord, heal us. Lord, You have never failed to keep Your promises. You can calm the storm. You established the covenant which we have violated. You made promises which are yes & amen in Christ, but we wag our heads and say no, let us go our own way. Lord, the Shepherd of the sheep, raise up shepherds after Your own heart. Send out workers to feed those hungry for truth. Set the captives free. Let there be a New Day, when Thanksgiving is declared daily and salvation is found every morning, and joy fills the months. Declare a year of jubilee for the poor, and help those who cry out to You. We have been silent with hard hearts, stiff necks, and fat bellies for too long. We have fed ourselves, rather than feeding those who are facing a famine for the Word. Lord, we cannot do it on our own. Consider that you call as your own children all who receive Your Son Jesus. We long for Jesus to reign over this land. Politicians and preachers cannot effect what only the Holy Spirit can do. Consume our waywardness. Direct us in the paths of righteousness for Your Name's sake, Lord Jesus. Amen.

  • Vicki--You are definitely right.  To truly repent involves humility.

    Often I have heard intercessors pray--and a an intercessor myself, I am concerned that we sometimes pray, and do not know what the deep issues are.  Sometimes the Lord reveals them as we pray, and sometimes we find them through research or other ways.  It takes being open to the Holy Spirit, and listening to Him to know how best to pray.  The Holy Spirit will always lead in accordance with God's Word.  To hear the Holy Spirit of God, it takes humility on our part.

    Thank you for your observation.

  • And a related question, what do I as one of God's people need to repent of?  I think it is far too easy to focus primarily on the pray part of 2 Chron 7: 14 and ignore humbling myself, seeking God's face and turning from my wicked ways. It's also much easier to focus on what others need to do. 

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