1. THE ENEMY HAS A STRATEGY TO DESTROY GOD'S GIFT IN YOU (Mt.2:16; Jn.10:10).But God has already provided for your protection and process into fulfillment (Ro.8:29-37; Jer.1:12; Php.1:6).2. THE FIRST BATTLE IS FOR BELIEF IN WHAT GOD HAS SAID (Lk.1:34-35).But what you find hard to believe God will confirm (Lk.1:36; Jdg.6:37-40; 2Cor.13:1).3. ONCE YOU BELIEVE, THE BATTLE IS TO ACCEPT THE UNCONVENTIONAL WAY GOD WILL LEAD YOU (Mt.1:20)But if you will struggle and win the battle to accept it, God will fully reassure you (Lk.1:20)4. ONCE YOU ACCEPT THE TRULY REVEALED WAY OF THE LORD'S WILL, THE BATTLE IS TO WALK IN 'DIVINE DIGNITY' (Mt.1:19-20). Whenever we lose "face," God can then become our true self-esteem (Ro.5:1; Eph.2:14).5. WHEN IT IS TIME FOR THE WILL OF THE LORD TO BE BIRTHED, YOU WILL FACE THE BATTLE FOR A PLACE OF DELIVERY (Lk.2:7). But when the gift from God begins to come forth, room will be made for you to begin walking out His purpose (Pro.18:16).6. ONCE THE PURPOSE OF THE LORD IS BIRTHED, THEN YOU ENTER THE BATTLE AGAINST ITS FULL ESTABLISHMENT (Mt.2:13,16). But the plan of the enemy to prevent you will be defeated through continually acknowledging the One who has brought you thus far and by continuing to receive & walk in His direction (Rev.12:11; Mt.2
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