Grandparents who believe in the power of prayer can make a great impact on their children, grandchildren

9651021461?profile=original and future generations not only on National Grandparents’ Day but everyday.  

Cavin Harper, Executive Director of Christian Grandparenting Network  (CGN) says. In his book, “Courageous Grandparenting, “Builders and Boomer generations represent the majority of todays grandparents. There are nearly eighty million of us. Yet on our watch we have stood by in silence and allowed the Father of lies to inject his venom 

into our culture, hardening men’s hearts to the truth.”[1]

However, during the last five years, thousands of grand

parents have united on National Grandparents Day to make it a Day of Prayer for their grandchildren and their parents.  On September 13th we have yet another opportunity to link arms in prayer across this nation and around the world. Will you help us in this cause? 

 We need your help

We need grandparents to help us promote this event and who will take the lead to arrange an event-calling grandparents to join in prayer on September 13. This event could be in your church, in your home, in a retirement complex, or any meeting location you choose. 

Its not a complicated process; Christian Grandparenting Network (CGN) will provide you with step-by-step guidelines, resources, and online tools to help you create a successful event that will engage grandparents in prayer in your

church or community. Just invite some grandparents in your home for prayer and a snack on Grandparents’ Day of Prayer.

To learn more about becoming involved, please follow the steps below.

Check out the website for blogs, endorsements, testimonials and promotional materials and free downloads.


Then complete the form to indicate your participation.

Free Resources Available for distribution at your event.

(Download and print)

1. 31 Scriptures to Pray for your Grandchildren. Spanish a

nd English   Downloadable FREE


2. Suggestions to Pray for School children. (Preschool-College)

            Downloadable FREE

3. Suggestions to Pray for College students. 

          Downloadable FREE

4. Suggestions to Pray for the Different Life Stages (Infants through married grandchildren)

          Downloadable FREE

5. Placemat with “31 Scriptures to Pray for Grandchildren.”        

           Downloadable FREE

6.  E-book - “Reflecting on my Grandparenting Jou

rney” by Lillian Penner     Downloable FREE


For additional information, contact Lillian Penner

National Prayer Coordinator for Christian Grandparenting Network

Join Us in Making National Grandparents Day on September 13, 2014  A Grandparents Day

of Prayer

We need your help to promote  Grandparents Day of Prayer.

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By Lillian Penner


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