The Seeds of Abortion



I am grieved over the reality of abortion in our midst. In America alone we have put to death nearly 60 million unborn babies since the Roe v. Wade supreme Court ruling in 1973. It is a little encouraging that the number of abortions each year has decreased significantly. I am sure that is largely because of protests of this insidious evil primarily by Christians. 

However, I think it is important to note that simply making abortion illegal will not, in and of itself, solve the problem. That is because the seeds of abortion are much deeper than law. I believe one of the things that has helped to reduce the number of abortions in these later years has been the efforts made to help women deal with the crises that they face when they discover that they are pregnant. I also think we need to do more to help care for the needs of single mothers and others in difficult situations.

But none of these efforts will deal effectively with the root of the problem. Abortion arose en mass because of attitudes that have swept over us in the sexual revolution. We have lost all sense of the purpose and joy of sexual relations. In and out of marriage we have come to think of sexual relations as recreational activity. However, the primary purpose of sex is procreation. And children are the joy of sex. Of course, the immediate pleasure of sexual activity is a wonderful thing, but it is reduced tremendously as it is severed from its purpose.

We face a number of problems in dealing with this reality. What are our chances of making such a change in the thinking of our whole society? The realization of this overwhelms me. However, there are certainly things that we can do. We must continue to oppose abortion. And we can seek to reason with individuals in a world that may not wish to hear about our values. It may be more important to redouble our efforts to teach a more godly mindset to our children and those who come to Christ in our midst. Compassion calls us to increase our efforts to minister particularly to women and children in crisis. 

And consistent prayer for our society and our world is essential to bring about transformation on a wholesale basis. This problem goes back further than the sexual revolution. Its seeds go back to the sin of man in the Garden of Eden. Its terrible fruit can be seen in every generation from the beginning of the world. Without extraordinary prayer our efforts will be futile in trying to stop the title wave of public opinion. Nothing short of radical revival or a new heaven and a new earth will change what we face.




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  • Thank you, Phil.

    God bless you.

  • Dave,

    I am glad your perspective moves beyond the narrow focus of those who simply want a reversal of the current law.

    Most Christ-followers will agree with you on the need for "consistent prayer" ... but how many are pressing their ministry leadership to add this concern to weekly prayer gatherings/lists?

    I wonder how many, who support national leaders who trash the direct commandments of Scripture but "fight"abortion, will agree with you that "simply making abortion illegal will not, in and of itself, solve the problem" ... #ItSeemsToMe... if we forbid abortion, we must also fund the families that choose life.

    What impact would the hundreds of thousands of congregations have on radically reducing abortion in America if each (or clusters of smaller congregations) adopted one marginalized mother who chooses life for her baby?

    Dave, what if that "extraordinary prayer" you call for, focused on the Church not the government? Pled for deeper faith in God's love outpoured through Jesus followers with the same fervor we give toward changing legislation and stacking the Supreme Court?

    May many prayerfully read your comments - - especially if they initially disagree with you,


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