The One Minute Intercessor - by Eddie Smith

Many Christians are intimidated by prayer. They assume that only those who can pray long skillful prayers are heard in heaven.

Eddie Smith, President of the U.S. Prayer Center, has written this little book not to suggest that there is little or no value in praying long prayers. Rather, he points out that there is also great value in praying brief, focused prayers.

Even the prayers in the Bible that raised the dead and called down fire from heaven take less than a minute to read!

In The One Minute Intercessor Eddie points out the seven most common issues that intimidate people of prayer and explains why they shouldn't.

He provides biblical examples of one minute prayers in the Bible which he calls The Heart Shout, The Heart Hug, The Prayer Missile, and The Heart Request.

With them he shares a brief list of things for which Scripture instructs us to pray; and four things that should characterize our prayer lives.

This is an easy, interesting read.

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