Proverbs 14:34 reads,

"Righteousness exalts a nation,

but sin is a disgrace to any people."

I recently read a speech by Winston Churchill entitled The Defense of Freedom and Peace. It was subtitled, The Lights are Going Out. The great orator proclaimed to Americans who had not yet entered the war that it is the conflict of spiritual and moral ideas which gives free countries their strength. Especially in the light of history resistance against the domination of the Nazis should not be seen in any other way. By some estimates they put as many as 20 million people to death simply because of their race, or their weaknesses, or unwillingness to support the evil cause.

Even 70 and 80 years later we can feel good about our sacrifices to defeat that evil regime. But where are we in the world today? Where are we as a nation? Since 1973 Americans have brutally extinguished nearly 60 million innocent lives simply because we found them inconvenient.

This was not done by our government. We do not have S.S. troops pounding at our doors in the middle of the night. We did this ourselves to those who by any reckoning were the most innocent among us. Most Americans now admit that abortion is wrong. It is interesting to me that many people say they believe abortion is wrong to justify not doing anything about it. We believe abortion is wrong, so we must be free from responsibility before God, or history for that matter.  

But what can we do? I am sympathetic with those who see the crisis as overwhelming. But nothing is impossible with God. Let me suggest three essential approaches to the problem.

First come to this crisis with humility and compassion. We all share in the cultural, intellectual and moral corruption that has swallowed up our nation. This is not simply the problem of churches that did not stand against abortion. This is not simply the fault of another political party or someone else. Most of us would agree that German people who ignored the disappearance of their Jewish neighbors or were afraid to speak up no matter what it cost them, shared in the guilt.

And we who are also guilty need to seek ways of ministering to girls faced with unwanted pregnancy, and unplanned and unwanted children. Do we have means to intervene in the lives of young people who realize they have sacrificed their vision of the future on the altar of sexual freedom?

Next, address the problem with wisdom and intelligence. If we simply demonize political opponents or shout at them in protest, rather than listening to their arguments and seeking to persuade people, we will make little headway in the issue.

Finally, we must face this problem in prayer and worship. We will not turn this evil around without the mighty hand of God. We need to see this as a matter of spiritual war, crying out to God about every issue small and great. We have no greater weapon in spiritual warfare than worship that connects us with God Himself.

The culture of death is a daunting reality. But it is no greater than slavery that the enemy foisted on our fathers a few generations back. Against all social, economic, and political odds Great Britain outlawed the vile trade on her far flung shores. And eventually Americans were willing to plunge ourselves into a horrible civil war.

If your faith is not built on a powerful relationship with Almighty God you will not be able to pay whatever price is demanded of us to defeat this horrible plague. 


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  • Amen, Andrew. Our hearts often think together. I was especially moved by your final paragraph. 

  • Wonderful words, David!  The issue of abortion has been made into a political football - but it is at its heart a spiritual issue.  It's an issue of accepting personal responsibility for our actions.  And, although it's not true that "you can't legislate morality" (we do it all the time), it is true that real change will come only as God changes hearts. 

    As a body, we must reach out with grace to those who are contemplating or who have had abortions.  We must reach out with practical help to aid those who see "no other way out" of their situations.  We must speak with prophetic voice against a culture that has devalued life to such a great extent - but we must also speak the truth in love, not with vitriolic demonstrations or hate-filled diatribe.

    We must not back down from preaching repentance - for only there can God really touch the heart.  Jesus gave us a wonderful example of forgiveness and compassion in his encounter with Mary Magdalene - but he was dealing with a heart that was already repentant.  We face a situation in many cases where that repentance has not occurred, and we cannot back down from our responsibility to call sin what it is and to call for repentance. 

    And how will all of this happen?  It will happen through prayer.  It will happen as we pray individually for teenagers we know, that God will steer them away from promiscuity and toward lives of purity.  It will happen as we pray for those we know who are facing unwanted pregnancies, that God will get control of their hearts and their minds in the decisions they face.  It will happen as we pray for a move of the Spirit in our society to awaken us from our self-centered, instant-gratification focus as a culture.  God will respond to these prayers.  He longs to respond to these prayers.

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