About a week ago I was in a hit and run car accident with my daughter in the back seat. We both are fine, but my car was totaled. Having gone through the process of dealing with the insurance and the like we are now moving ahead. Due to the nature of my ministry it is time to find a used car to replace the last one. 

For some people the idea of shopping for a car would be fun. I am not even close to being a car guy. The whole process feels a lot like walking through a maze with a lot of dead ends. I am hoping that every phone call, Google search, and visit to a dealership is leading me toward my new to me car.  ...Read More

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  • Kevin, by now the car issue may have been resolved, but we all need encouragement daily. A verse of encouragement that continues on and on -  Ps 10:17 You, LORD, hear the desire of the afflicted; You encourage them, and You listen to their cry. NIV

    May God give all of us peace and courage every day.


  • Kevin, sorry to hear of your car accident. Glad you are well! Thanks as always for your encouraging articles on prayer!
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