February 21

Easter weekend is a big weekend for the church. It is not so much that we don’t have the opportunity to celebrate the fact that Jesus is alive all year long. When I was in high school I was at a church summer camp where God was at work. I walked around and randomly said, “Jesus is alive.” I wanted to remind people that no matter the miracle they were experiencing it doesn’t compare to the miracle that Jesus is alive. But one of the great things about Easter…

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6 Places You Should Pray More

Let’s have some fun today. What locations could we pray more? Where are some places that would have a big impact on our life? How much do you pray in each of these locations?


Two points for the shower. First the bookends of our days, getting ready for the day or bed, are great times for more prayer. As we prepare our body…

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  • Kevin, I just read your article in the Q4 issue of Prayer Connect on the aspect of sanctification in Jesus' prayer in John 17.  Thanks for the insights, "captain of the army"!

    I was especially struck by your example of the bucket being "sanctified" or set apart for God's work.  Your statement that it could never again be used for ordinary purposes made me think about my own life and how much of it is still given to "ordinary purposes" and how far I am from being truly sanctified.  Challenging!!

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