PTAP: Oman, Win 10/40, October 25, 2017

Prayer Requests - October 25, 2017
PTAP is joining WIN1040 ( this month in praying for unreached countries of the world. October 25 is the day to pray for Oman. Let's continue to lift up Oman with thousands of people around the world that God would build the local church there.

Praise Report
Praise God that the government of Oman wants to see more Omanis join the work force and is trying to help educate and employ them to be successful (The Bible, Psalm 111:6). ...

Prayer Request
Pray for more Omanis to be willing to work in the low and mid-level job positions. These are not as attractive but are key to the countries growth (The Bible, Proverbs 14:23).

Transformational Prayer
Pray for the Omani people to be transformed from a proud people blessed by oil wealth to those humbly seeking to find Jesus (The Bible, Matthew 19:26).

Call to Salvation
Pray that the very few believers in the Lord Jesus will not be ashamed of the Gospel but will tell their families and friends about His saving power. (The Bible, Romans 1:16).

Source: More expats than Omanis hired last year: Central Bank of Oman

Continue to Pray for Sohar
In fact, earlier this month, you received prayer points about Sohar--a city in Oman. Please continue to pray for Sohar as you watch the following video.

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  • Father, we long to see your purposes accomplished in Oman - to see your word spread, to see your name honored, to see the country move forward both spiritually and materially.  Please transform this country and its people, Lord - replace their dependence on material wealth from oil with a dependence on you.  Raise up national workers for all the industries that are in need of more workers.  Grant success to the government's efforts to educate and provide employment for Omanis.

    Please grant to the few believers in Oman faith and courage to share the gospel.  Raise up persons of peace in Oman and send the believers to them, to share your word with people who will be open to it.  Draw entire households to yourself through the power of the gospel.

    In Jesus' name. Amen.

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