PTAP: 2018 Prayer for Hajj.


Dear Friend of the Arabian Peninsula,

On 19-21 August 2018, PTAP (Praying Through the Arabian Peninsula) is asking for 100,000 people from around the world to join us in Prayer & Fasting for the two million Muslims going on the Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca.

The Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. These are required acts of service for all Muslims (conditions apply to those that are impoverished or in poor health). The city of Mecca is the center of the entire Muslim world.  It is the place where the Hajj is performed and the place where all Muslims direct their 5x daily prayers.  As a consequence of the heightened religious activity, there are significant barriers that prevent the gospel from spreading to these people at this time. 

However, our God knows no barriers!  There are testimonies of Muslims performing the Hajj in Mecca and encountering God – through receiving a digital version of the Bible, through Dreams & Visions, through encounters with Christians during their journey. And so, we desire to gather together a dedicated body of Christians to stand in the gap and to fast and pray for this monumental event - for God to do something truly miraculous, something only He can do.

Would you join us in this effort as well as spread the word about this prayer and fasting event?

We have created three core resources for you:

A Hajj prayer promo video ( - This is designed to introduce this event and invite others to join us for these three days of prayer and fasting.

Hajj Prayer guides and a Hajj prayer video ( - We created a helpful 4-page prayer guide that has been translated into several languages (including Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, German, and Portugese).  There is also a corresponding video to watch. 

Please forward the above resources through your spheres of influence and also feel free to edit as you feel led.  And similarly, when it comes to the fasting element, feel free to fast you feel led - one meal, one day, all three days, individually, as a group, etc.

Our one request is that you let us know an estimate of how many people in your spheres of influence prayed and also the country where they prayed during these three days. Please send your estimates and any spiritual insights you have gleaned from this time of prayer and fasting to <>.

See Act 13:1-3 for a wonderful illustration of how fasting became instrumental in the laying hold of God for the shaping of world-changing ministry. We long to see many of the 2 million Muslims performing the Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in August 2018 to encounter Jesus. Many Blessings,

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