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9651022072?profile=originalAs the summer draws to a close, our thoughts naturally turn to the beginning of the school year.  Students today - from Elementary through College - face challenges not faced by previous generations.  The declining morality in America, emphasis on individual freedom and situational ethics, and a general crisis of faith combine to push students toward destructive patterns, such as drugs, sex, gangs, and even suicide.  On the surface, the situation appears increasingly desperate.  Below the surface, however, is a God who hears and answers prayer. is an initiative that seeks to raise up believers to pray for schools and for students.  Public schools in particular have recently been made into a political battleground over religious freedom, but the battle is at heart a spiritual battle.  Pray4Schools recognizes this and urges believers to join the battle with our most effective spiritual weapon - prayer.


The mission of Pray4Schools is to

  • Inform the church about the challenges in our schools & the emerging generations, the need for extraordinary prayer, and the amazing school prayer opportunities and resources that already exist.
  • Inspire the adoption of schools for the purpose of focused, insightful, extraordinary prayer.
  • Invite the church of America to join together in 30 days of united prayer and fasting for schools each September, utilizing an online  common prayer calendar.   

Pray4Schools is more than just a prayer movement.  In the true spirit of unity, P4S also promotes other school prayer movements and general prayer movements and resources (including PrayNetwork!) on their developing website. 


It would be hard to imagine a more strategic spiritual battlefield than our schools.  As the Lord leads, we encourage you to download the 30-day prayer calendar (attached below) and pray through the month of September and beyond for our schools and students.  Check out P4S's  School Prayer Resource page for more ideas.

Pray4Schools 30-day prayer calendar Spotlight by Andrew Wheeler.
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  • The witches, Hindus and Buddhists in the schools consider the schools their turf.  They definitely need deliverance, prayer and blessing to keep them from converting the kids.  Christians in the schools without tenure have to pretend they are not Christians to keep from being fired.  Prayer for them as well.

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