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PrayNetwork spotlight - Ron Edwards

This week, we're turning the Spotlight on Ron Edwards, a relatively new member of PrayNetwork.  Ron is located in Australia and joined the Network on July 1, 2015.

PN: Ron, how did you first come to be interested in prayer?

Ron: I began to experience prayer as spiritual warfare when I took my company Christian Press into the secular marketplace under the name Care & Share Products.  We focused on offering scripture cards and gifts.  The company began to come under intense spiritual attack, and I realized then that prayer is spiritual warfare and that I was involved in it whether I realized it or not.


PN: What's your favorite passage about prayer and why?

Ron: It's Ephesians 6:18, "Therefore give yourselves wholly to prayer and entreaty; pray on every occasion in the power of the Holy Spirit". In context, this verse ties prayer in with the armor of God and spiritual warfare, and this summarizes well my experience in prayer.


PN: What topic(s) of prayer make your heart beat faster?

Ron: With the perspective of spiritual warfare, I'm particularly interested in prayer as a means of binding the strong man (Matthew 12:29; Luke 10:19). Satan is our spiritual enemy, the strong man, and prayer is our main weapon for binding him.


PN: What has been your best experience of prayer in community?

Ron: Praying with Transforming Sidney.  We saw the kind of unity that Jesus himself prayed for evident across denominations, age, and nationalities as we came together in this prayer event.


PN: What resources would you recommend on prayer?

Ron: The Way of Victorious Praying by Zacharias Tanee Fomum and Handle with Prayer by Charles Stanley.  Also, for praying in community, Joe Aldrich's Prayer Summits.


PN: What word of encouragement do you have for the PrayNetwork community?

Ron: God stirs up prayer movements and prayer warriors to stem the tide of people turning away from him.  We've seen this in Australia, as a renewed emphasis on prayer has resulted from our country's movement toward ejecting God from its life.  God does not give up on us!

PN:  Ron doesn't have a profile set up on PrayNetwork yet, but you can find out more about him at his sites,

Also, check out Ron's homepage on PrayNetwork for a Powerpoint presentation sharing his insights on praying effectively. Spotlight by Andrew Wheeler.

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