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When I was a young woman, I had many opportunities to visit my widowed grandmother while I attended college in her town. As she grieved my grandfather’s death, she reflected her trust in God to care for her and showed how God sustained her each day, by claiming the promise Jesus gave His disciples after His resurrection. 

“Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world.”

Matthew 28:20 (KJV).

My grandmother’s faith that God would always be there for her made a great impact on my life. Her testimony influenced me to incorporate that verse into my daily experiences. Since those early adult years, whenever life has been difficult, disappointing, or downright discouraging, I have claimed that same scripture verse. My prayer is that I will have opportunities to reflect my life experiences of trusting God during my difficult times to my children and grandchildren.


In Proverbs 27:19 we read, “As a face is reflected in water, so the heart reflects the person.” However, we may ask what does that look like. When we meditate on God’s Word and grow in our relationship with God, we will reflect God’s glory because we are being transformed into His image. We glorify God when we reveal or manifest his character by the way we live by demonstrating God’s love to those around us.   


 We, as grandparents who love the Lord have a responsibility to reflect a godly life to our grandchildren. We must ask ourselves, is my walk with the Lord as I want reflected in the lives of my grandchildren. 


My grandmother made a lasting impression on my life because she reflected her faith in God’s provision to sustain her during her time of grieving. When we reflect God’s love to our grandchildren and they are walking with the Lord, our love for God will keep on living through our grandchildren.

Questions to ask ourselves:

What does the reflection of my life look like to my grandchildren?

Do I want my grandchildren to imitate my spiritual life?

Will they want my Jesus?

Pray your love for God will keep on living through your grandchildren, even after you are deceased. 



Lord, forgive me when I have not taken the time to be in Your Word

 and model the life of a godly grandparent.

 Help to take the time to read and meditate on Your Word every day

So I will reflect your face in the heart of my grandchildren.  

Even after I have passed on to be with you.

In Jesus name.

© 2010 Lillian Penner






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