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PTAP: Pray for Oman -January 13, 2020

Weekly Prayer for the Arabian Peninsula - January 13, 2020
Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, the late ruler of Oman, passed away on January 10, 2010. He is a ruler who has been lauded for mediating role he played between conflicting parties in the Arabian Gulf in addition to developing Oman's infrastructure. In recent years, however, Oman has faced challenges of diversifying its economy and reducing dependence on hydrocarbons that fueled Oman's development. 

The new sultan, Haitham bin Tariq, will now have to undertake reforms to safeguard the late Sultan Qaboos's legacy and maintain internal stability. He will also have to uphold the country's foreign policy. In fact, in his inaugural address, Sultan Haitham bin Tariq has pledged to stay course on the country's foreign policy and continue to "assist in resolving disputes peacefully." 

Let us pray for Oman as the country undergoes this transition. Let us also lift up Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, as he begins to rule Oman in face of new economic and political challenges in the country and the region.  
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PTAP: Lord, Open their Eyes.

A very sweet and intelligent mother of three young children has received a copy of the Word with eagerness to explore what it says. Pray that she will read with hunger and understanding and her eyes will be opened to the truth. 

Pray that the veil over the eyes of locals would be removed and that they would see the truth for what it is. Many miraculous healings are happening among the locals, but it goes nowhere because they are blinded to the truth behind the miracle! Pray that these miracles will lead to salvation in Jesus!

Pray for Sammy, a woman who received pray for her back and was healed. Pray for an open door of friendship with the one who prayed for her and that she will hear and receive the truth.

Amy heard the Good News but was rather uncomfortable with it, even after she received healing from the Lord. Ask that the barriers in her heart will come down, that she will be given great understanding and will surrender to the Lord with joy.

When Sarah shared her deep loneliness with her believing neighbors, they prayed for her. She told them she felt much lighter and peaceful, acknowledging that it was a result of their prayers. Ask for an open door to share the good news with her, that her heart will continue to soften and that she will accept it.

There are many foreign, believing workers in the AP (Pakistanis, Filipinos, Indians, etc.) Pray that their love and testimony of Jesus will impact the hearts of the locals. Many of them are servants in the homes of locals and could have a major impact on entire families. Ask that they will be strengthened to stand firm in their own commitment and be given open doors to share.

Pray that more people will have dreams and visions of Jesus. Many turn to him after experiencing such an encounter with Him, so ask for more of it! And pray that those people who have had dreams/visions will seek out people of faith in Jesus to give them more information.
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