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It was such an encouraging moment when an employee, Abdullah, came to his tentmaking colleague, Doug, and said, "I'm always so pleased to see you. You give me a lot of energy!"  Doug then shared a story about being willing to have our hearts dealt with, in order to find life's meaning.  Pray that continuing conversations will draw Abdullah to that Giver of Life.


Pray for a local believer who is relocating to a new area for a new job. May he find favor and fellowship in his new situation, be led to people whose hearts are hungry for the truth, and be given both boldness and wisdom in how and when to share. Give praise and glory to the Lord for this believer's commitment and faithfulness.


"Ahmed", who has seemed disillusioned about any particular religion, accepted a copy of Josh MacDowell's More Than a Carpenter in Arabic.  He said he would read it soon.  Pray that the evidence for truth of Jesus' character and words will stick in Ahmed's heart and bring him to faith.


I met a Saudi military officer in a shopping mall. As we spoke, he talked about wanting to take a second wife.  I said that I would pray that God would reveal to him whether it was right to take a second wife, as I thought that  God's intention was that one man should be married to one woman.We also spoke of some of the actions that Christ had done.  After giving a little context, I read him part of the story of Lazarus from John 11 (v 33 - 44), of Jesus weeping, praying, ordering the tomb opened and commanding Lazarus to come out, though four days dead, and of Lazarus coming out alive.  At the conclusion of the story, the Saudi said that only God could raise a man from the dead - correct analysis!  But he then concluded that this story must have been added to the gospel - incorrect analysis!  Once again, the denial by Muslims of Christ's divinity, and their belief that the Bible has been altered, had prevented this man from seeing who Christ is.  


So, please join us in praying that this Saudi man would think further about what he heard, and that the reality of this miracle by our Lord would re-echo in his heart and mind, leading him to see that Jesus has power over death, and is divine.   And that this will lead on to repentance and reconciliation.

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