"Intercessor's Nursery" In Heaven

This morning I received a dream that I wanted to share with you so that you might pray with me for implementation.
My prayer team and I found ourselves in a place I have never seen or thought of. I will call it the "Intercessor's Nursery" in Heaven. A serene place, a place of light, joy, peace all rolled into one. This is where intercessors are birthed in the Spirit and placed in bassinets. We carefully walked in and picked up a little one.
Like all babies, they each had their own facial features, hair color, all plump and happy, giggling.
Without a word spoken we knew the task at hand...mentoring the new ones. Guiding carefully their growth, covering them in prayer for this season of learning and growth. If you think on it, at this stage babies are dependent on moms & dads for everything. And they trust to get what they need...food, washing, changing, love and cuddling, encouragement. With babes there is no real discipline...they are too young. You guide them, move them along. We were their mentors..."God with skin on it."
And then I looked and could see there was a place where the Holy Spirit was busy with an even earlier stage....one of "conception of intercessors". These may be adults on earth, but spiritually in their calling and destiny in prayer...just being conceived, not yet "born." I knew we must pray and cover these...that the same spirit of abortion that tries to end life on earth would be trying to end the spiritual life of these even before they could be born.
Next we saw the toddlers of the Intercessor's Nursery. Yes, can you just imagine ! They were everywhere... tens and hundreds of them, running, crawling, trying to walk and fall down, laughing and reaching out to grow up in their own diminutive ways. I could hardly believe my eyes ! It reminded me of a heard of geese !
Loud, noisy, undisciplined, thinking they know best & running after it (strong willed) !!
You can remember your own growing up experience as an intercessor...can you think back to this stage? I'd rather not remember mine, :).....but suffice it to say, God surrounded me with several different mentors that took turns speaking truth with love into my life ! Patiently listening, lovingly pruning my branches.
This group of young intercessors really need seasoned ones to adopt them ! Both in prayer & by relationship !
Then I knew why the Lord was urging us to pray for these different stages of growth for these intercessors as well as step up and take some lovingly under our wings. They need us, but more so WE NEED THEM !!
For the Lord showed me, we are going to operate at a deficit of prayer if these are not birthed, if they are not matured to full stature. For the older generation of pray-ers are well on their way to their reward in heaven.
Who is taking their place? Who will the Lord call on? We cannot do it alone. WE HAVE TO HAVE THIS GENERATION of Intercessors to hear their calling and to take their place ! They HAVE to come in to the
Army of God, wherever that is, whatever it looks like as HE PLACES THEM ! And believe me, they will walk in places and ways we never dreamed of...good and bad, BUT WITH HIM.
Our part in their lives is to help them get there, just as someone helped you, just as someone helped me.
So, please put this on your "to be continued" prayer list, to continue in the coming weeks & months/years even, to pray over these and their development.
That we can prophetically in prayer, reach back, take them by the hand and throw them forward...that they stand on our shoulders, avoiding some of the pitfalls we endured, and grow quicker and faster than ever before ! Most we will never lay eyes on except by the Spirit thru prayer and intercession. BUT, ask God if there is that one, or two, that you should tuck under your wing and build relationship with and spend time with them, encouraging them, having a cup of coffee and tell them they are doing good and encourage them to keep on tryin' !! Just as a parent would, push them in the swing until they can learn and build their own muscle to "pump" themselves. And if they skin their knee, pick them up, dust them off, clean the wound and band aid it, then push them back to the "playground" to get on that horse and ride AGAIN!! Wahoo !!
It blesses me so to come to a place the Lord is showing me as I type, full circle. For some of us, we are not only parents, but grandparents, aunts and uncles,,,,,,cuzins. The family of God. How remarkable, how beautiful. I am so glad to be included, aren't you? And I am so glad to be in it with you !
God bless you as you serve Him in the fields of His Harvest,
Pat Allen
Corporate Prayer Resource
Dallas, TX
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