Matthew 5:6

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

But someone may ask, aren't our hungers natural? Aren't they beyond our control? To some extent I think that is true. But they can also be trained or tantalized.

A child asks, “May I have some more candy?”

The parent answers, “No, it will ruin your supper.”

The parent who loves a child knows she can be trained to desire roast beef and carrots. If she only wants candy she will not find tooth decay, obesity and death rather than satisfaction.

You may not have to think too hard to remember times when you desired something desperately. But when you finally got it, you were disappointed. It may even have turned out to be horrible. Wouldn't you rather have spent all that energy and time longing for something that would have satisfied you deeply?

Real satisfaction only comes from things that are right with God. But we live in a world that is hopelessly rebellious against the will of God. One of the places you can see this most clearly is in our attitudes toward righteousness. If you think of righteousness in terms of satisfaction and joy, you have probably been a believer in Jesus Christ long enough that experience has changed your perspective.

It is more likely that you see righteousness and pleasure as opposite ends of the same scale.

You may want to ask, “Why isn't that, or he, right for me? That is why the Bible uses a word we seldom use in other contexts. The word “righteousness” is more comprehensive. It refers to the whole purpose of something being to please God.

Of course, nothing in this world can completely fulfill our lives. But we can long for and put our faith in heaven where righteousness will be complete.



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