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—I would like to share how my wife stood up for Marriage at the Great Frederick Fair in Frederick, Md. and how it challenged a violinist to also stand up and share about the Lord Jesus. 

At the fair there is a spot which is called the free stage.  There was a band. Led by Dennis Lee, who rented it and held outdoor concerts at the fair. Dennis is a Christian as well and openly talks about the Lord as well. The Dennis Lee, when we got there, was interviewing a couple who have been married for over 55 years.  My wife is proud that we have been married 55 years.  She got his attention and shared it with him.  Dennis asked her what held us together, and my wife unashamedly that it was the Lord.  She also shared briefly about reading the Bible together and praying together with her husband. 

In Dennis Lee’s Band was a violinist, an accomplished violinist—Stephanie Ann Simon. ( She was going to play the National Anthem at the Demolition Derby that night.  The Band leader asked her to play it for us while we were there.  Before she did, she looked at my wife and told her that what she said about Marriage encouraged to her to share her thoughts too.  She proceeded to talk about Jesus, and how Jesus was important to her and her home.  Wow!!!!!!!!!!  Talk about a move of God’s Holy Spirit.  One person spoke up initially—my wife, then what was said encouraged someone else to share—Stephanie Ann Simon.

—She ended her testimony with playing the National Anthem—with a performance that I wish you could have heard.  It was so moving that this retired Army officer rendered a military salute as it was played.

Seeing this move of God’s Holy Spirit in sharing a word about Christ—there must have been someone in the crowd who needed to hear that word.  May God’s word bring the fruit to which it was sent.


The above has been shared to encourage others to share their testimony.

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