GUEST POST ~ “Let’s be talking about Jesus.”

Dr. Paul Cedar

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“Let’s be talking about Jesus.”  That was the theme of a recent article in Our Daily Bread devotional booklet a few days ago. It is a wonderful insight that has been resonating with both of us during the past few days.  That’s what our ministry is all about - talking about – sharing - our Lord and Savior – Jesus! Then it happened to us again when we were departing from the theater last Friday evening after viewing the wonderful film ,“The Jesus Revolution!”  And now, we’re trusting – we’re praying that we can use every opportunity - to speak – to share all about Him – Jesus!  To let others know – all about Jesus! 


It is something that every one of us could and should be doing!  We can share His Name when we are with Christian friends.  We can share Him when we are with our neighbors or in other settings of non-Christians. Of course, we always need to do sowith love, gentleness and sensitivity without using our church “insider” vocabulary that often “turns off” outsiders.  


Without a doubt, Jesus is the most wonderful, loving, captivating person who has ever lived on this earth.  He personified the life of love.  He not only preached about love, He lived it!  And He has invited us to live the life of love; to share His love with others.  As we do, let us be talking more and more about Him - Jesus


Dr. Paul Cedar

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