A Thought to explore on Journaling and praying with others


Hudson Taylor, a missionary to China, wrote to his college roommate about everyone whom he had shared the Gospel of Christ with.  The roommate prayed over those letters.  Hudson Taylor had the greatest number of people responding to Christ in China that the other missionaries.

Though not much is said how the letters were written—did they just list the names or did they also share facts about Hudson’s contact with the people he share the Gospel with—we do not know.

As an intercessor, who also has journaled, today I find myself taking time to write down some thoughts about situations or when I share a name—I like to give some information that can help in praying.  This is like journaling.  Perhaps another way of praying together would be to journal, and share those thoughts with a journal partner.—Those thoughts, I believe when carried to the Lord by others, and when we join with others about their thoughts—God can use those thoughts to further the Kingdom of God when we come to the throne room in prayer about them—together with our journal partner.  It is a form of praying together in agreement.


Note:  Basic ground rules are needed with this type of praying--i.e. prayer focused.  and do not get into theological discussions--use this method for prayi9ng for others you are in contact with.


Further Note:  these thoughts come from one involved reflecting on prayer and intercessory prayer. 

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  • What we do in our intercession when confidentiality is needed, is to ask God for a Bible verse of His choosing to pray for the person/s. Amazing how accurate this can be, without sharing private information. 

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