May 11

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  • Praying on Monday from my home three miles past Moore's Country Store near Lynchburg , Virginia on the Jerry Falwell turnpike ( the founder of the school I serve as a Pastor for Prayer .
    Lord , give Vanessa health /strength ; mental clarity / focus / spiritual faith as she reads the Word and prays through the passages .
  • Hi Vanessa.  I'm sorry I failed to see your message in February.  I am sending a copy of the book today.  I really was blessed to re-read a comment you sent to me a couple months ago that all you want to do is focus on Christ.  Me too!  Sorry, I don't know how to delete your message with your address in it, though.  If/when I figure it out, I will do so.  CHRIST IS ALL, Steve.

  • Hi Vanessa.  I am grateful to be your Pray Network friend.  We talked awhile about me sending you another copy of my devotional book.  If you let me know your mailing address again, I will be happy to do so.   CHRIST IS ALL, Steve.

  • Hi Vanessa.  It is a joy to hear your passion for more of Christ.  I'm glad you ordered the free copy of the introductory sections and the first month of devotions from my book.  I think it would be a blessing to you to have the whole book.  I would be happy to send a free copy to you.  At this point, I cannot sell my book in the EU, because I have not been able to receive approval from the company that has the rights for the NIV Scriptures in the EU.  I have approvals to use the NIV Scriptures anywhere else in the world.  Anyway, if you want me to send a free copy of my book to you, please let me know what your mailing address is, and I will send a copy.  CHRIST IS ALL, Steve Hall.

  • Hi Vanessa.  I'm glad you are part of my Praying the Names of Christ group.  I also want to let yo uknow about the book I recently wrote, called "I Want to Know More of Christ."  It is a devotional of 365 names and attributes of Christ from throughout the Bible, with prayers of worship, adoration, surrender and intercession each day.  I wrote the book out of my deep personal passion to know all I can about Christ, and to help other believers around the world become more consumed in Him.  You might want to visit the book's website, http://knowingmoreofchrist.com/ .  We can also communicate more about it through Pray! Network if you're interested.

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