How I Discovered Discipleship.Network

I discovered it through the cancellation of the Discipleship Magazine. I have been away due to moving, illness and my mom passing away. I'd like to be involved again.


Los Vino by Michael Miloserdoff Have you ever wondered what the word abide really meant?  To me, it sounds different than just living.  It sounds, more intimate, more like a habit of being.  It creates in me a feeling of comfort and joy, of closeness, and deep knowledge. Jesus said in John 15:4 to "Abide in Me, and I in you.   As the branch branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. But what does that mean?  I mean, really?  How…

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  • Jeannine,

    Welcome to the 'Praying Together Course'.  It is a course that My wife and I have developed over the past 6+years. The first half of the course focuses on our relationship with Christ and Prayer, then the course moves into corporate prayer. 

    Don't rush through the lessons, but take time to study them-not just read them.  I have have seen those who take the time to learn of the Lord through the lessons, really grow in their relationship with Jesus, their prayer life and in prayer with others. 

    I do encourage as you work the lessons, to take at least one of the reflection questions and share your thoughts with the group.  Many may read the lessons--but when you take time to share your thoughts and ask questions, you are taking time to learn.  That really helps in a course like this and it does help others too.  Also--do not be afraid to ask questions.

    One final thing, a certificate of completion can be provided to any whom we have evidence of working the course when they finish the course.  It is provided by Wheatland Ministries.

    Great to have you in the course


    --one other thing--the text material (suggested books) is good to have, and helpful, but not critical to the course.  The lessons should be adequate in providing enough information so you can get by without the text material (books).


    Lewis Turner

    Course Facilitator

    Wheatland Ministries

  • Jeannine, I don't know if you got any of what I just sent or not. It was longer than allowed.
  • Please send it again, or call my cell phone. I have your book at my desk. My cell is 404-606-2322
  • I'm sorry Jeannine, please resend it.
  • Today's Prayer
    Dear Lord, I offer myself to you as an open vessel. Please work in my life and accomplish your will through me. Every little thing and every great thing that is accomplished, I praise you for it and give you all the glory. Thank you for blessing my life with your power and presence. In Jesus' name, amen.
  • Jeannine, for a very good devotional each day type this in your address bar.
  • Great Revivals In The Bible
    Exodus 32,33
    1Samuel 7:2-13
    2Samuel 6
    2Chronicles 20
    2Chronicles 29-31
    2Chronicles 34,,35
    Haggai 1
    Hehemiah 8-10
  • And you will seek Me and find Me,when you search for Me with all your heart(Jeremiah 29:13).
  • Eternal View of Circumstances

    "Now I want you to know, brothers, that what has happened to me has really served to advance the gospel." - Philippians 1:12
    Are your life circumstances advancing the gospel? Can you see the Lord's hand in your life in such a way that all of your life experiences, joys, sorrows, hardships, and training have resulted in advancing the gospel?
    Paul was a tentmaker by trade. But he had an overall ministry objective in his business life. That objective left him imprisoned and persecuted at times. But Paul saw these events not as roadblocks to his mission. Rather, they were catalysts to advancing the cause of Christ. Paul's revelation of this kept him from despairing about his circumstances.
    One day a little-known pastor who lived in the small African nation of Benin began to pray for his Marxist president. For two years he prayed. Then the Lord told the pastor to go to meet this president and share the gospel with him. The president rejected the gospel, but after another such occasion, the president accepted the gospel and became a Christian. He was removed from power but was discipled by this pastor. Sometime later this same president was elected again. Today that president is now a Christian leader of a nation committed to spreading the gospel throughout his nation. One man - yet millions have been affected by his obedience. This modern-day story is retold in countless lives of those willing to live for a cause greater than themselves.
    Are your work and life experiences serving to advance the gospel? What experiences has God allowed in your life that are part of His plan to advance the gospel? Ask Him to help you see your life the way He sees it. Seeing our life the way God sees it will help us avoid discouragement in those times when life appears to be a mystery to us.

  • To get there we will have to go through many things we do not like, but as you say we must trust and obey.
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