January 12

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  • I'm Michelle Keran please have something serious and important to tell you write to me in my email (MichelleKeran@outlook.com

  • Are they ever going to get a new magizine as this does not seem to be discussing very many subjects on discipling others in Christ. Please advise. Whay dosen't each state have it's own manager that can be contacted and get an answer in a timely manner. Just asking.
  • So far I'm not findinf anything to match up.
    On tour /new members I'm directed to settings and be sure to check this bx, this bx, and this bx; I go there and there are many boxes, already checked, none that match what the directions referred to
    Also, directed to My Page/profile where I can add info about myself (church, etc); I go there...there is no place to add anything othere than a picture.
    At bottom of New Members community manger is Margie somebody; elsewhere under support/community manager ... I click there and you pop up.
    So far all I can see is something that is going to consume my time and very little discipleship taking place. Dwight, the frustrated
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