Reflection Questions for Lesson 2

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----reflection questions--read them over, and considering responding to one question in the comment section below this section:


When a situation faces us, do we respond with a reactive manner?  Example—I know what we should do—but in reality what do we do?

Have you prayed with what may be a gut reaction?  Some might call a gut reaction an intuitive reaction. 

How can we find what God wants on a matter? 

Life's situations can be confusing.  Can that affect how we pray?___  What should we do to have clarity and direction when we pray?

In praying together with someone else, and we refer to scripture in our prayer, how might they receive that?  

   In considering that question above, how do you receive someone praying and referring to the Word of God in their prayer?

  Using the word of God in prayer, will it help someone else to be more willing to trust it?     Why? 

When you use scriptural principles in your prayers, do they give you more confidence that God will help you?  

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