Praying Together with Friends and Family

This holiday period is a time when families and friends get together.  It is also a time of sharing and an opportunity to pray together.

After having been through the course 'Praying Together' it would be great to hear how some of you have found opportunities to pray together with friends and family.

I will share that it has created a desire in my heart to pray with others.  I am looking forward to praying with a new friend after Christmas.   I may join him taking two Border Collies for a walk and praying as we walk.  Also, I have been a part of a prayer group that uses conference call praying three days a week.  I have been with the group approaching 2 years in February.  That prayer time has provided opportunity for me to grow in my prayer life and in relationship with the Lord.

I can share that this course helped prepare me for praying with others on a personal basis.

I know others would like to hear how the course has helped.  It would be an encouragement to all.  Take a moment and share with us how the Praying Together Course has helped.

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