Praying Together in the Christmas Season

With the Christmas season upon us, this would be a good time to take a very brief break from class studies, and look for ways to try and apply some of our learning about praying together.  (We will be getting back to the class schedule in January).  I discussed the concept of finding a way for people to pray together during this season with my pastor.  He suggested that we take time to remember what Christmas is about, and use that in praying together.


Taking that great idea, I present the following to each of you as a challenge to you to try.  The following can be done with your spouse, children, family all together, friends, Sunday School class, Church, groups, or with colleagues.  Here is the challenge—Make an opportunity to pray with someone in your family, your family, or friends, or colleagues.  Take a few minutes together and remember what Christmas is about, especially about the true meaning of Christmas--the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Then encourage each person say a brief sentence prayer that is related to what they have just considered about Christmas.


At the end- you could even sing a carol like ‘Silent Night’ and then say ‘Amen’ or just have everyone say ‘AMEN’  together, if you don’t sing.


This could be done at a meal, at a time when the family is together, or other special time. It is possible that what you do this year, you may want to do in upcoming years—the possible start of a wonderful family tradition.


Pastors, Sunday School Teachers, and Prayer Leaders—The above thought is a good way to involve your people in praying short prayers together.   Why not make an opportunity for this praying together to happen.  It also will bring much encouragement, meaning, and blessing to all involved. 


Now, if you do this, please share your experience with it.  It will encourage all of us!!

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