Lesson #4 Head Prayer? Or Heart Prayer?

For those working the lessons on the ‘Praying Together course’ here is the link to: Lesson #4: http://www.praynetwork.org/group/prayingtogethercourse/forum/topics/lesson-4-headprayer-or

Reflection questions:

-------Try to share your response on one of the reflection questions below, or share another thought that can encourage and help others  concerning the lesson.  You do not need to make it long--many times a brief word is perfect. 

Why is it we can do something intellectually, but when it comes to prayer, it does not seem as if prayer is intellectual or contributing?


Is our personal time alone with the Lord important before we pray with others?


Is there a conflict between the heart and intellect?  Why might this be?


Where is our heart in prayer?


Exercise—look at how we pray.  Then write down key words that we use:

           What do these words reflect?  Are they words of issues, principles, convictions, judgments, problems or strategies?  Or are they truly heart words of feeling, love empathy, compassion, desire, connection, relating?

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