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  • Hi Marsha,

    I started the prayer journey many, many years ago, and have seen the results of my prayer for those in other nations. Some are on an individual basis, others on a national level.

    When the university I was attached to in Singapore {the National University of Singapore} sent me to London, U.K., to do research work, I found myself attached to the University of London, Institute of Education.

    Daily, I took the underground train from my rented apartment to the University. I remember passing by a scruffy-looking young man, who looked really miserable. At first, I thought he was a homeless, but on the second day, I saw and sensed that he was different. I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to pray for his healing. I felt that he was wounded emotionally in some way.

    Each day I passed by him to catch the underground train, and I would somehow feel I had to pray for him. A week passed. Then one morning, I saw a young woman hugging him, and sensed that there had been a reconciliation between the two.

    The next morning, the young man was no longer there. I thanked God that He had used me to pray for him, and to show me the result of my prayer.
    • That is an awesome testimony to the power of prayer. It is encouraging to me to continue praying for people God puts in my pathway. I don't think we'll know how many people have been touched by our prayers until we enter Heaven, but to hear your story, it makes me want to pray even more.
    • Hello Janet, Thanks for sharing your story of answered prayer. God really has prepared good works for us to do. It is encouraging I think for all of us to share them. Thanks and keep listening for the Holy Spirit and obeying Him. In Christ's Love Rhondalyn
  • I really can't say that all these things were a result of my prayers, but only God knows. I do know that God has laid it upon my heart to pray for the little ones out there no matter what their age, the ones who are dependent upon others to care for their needs. I have asked him to shine his light upon the ones who are in darkness and not being cared for, but hurt and abused and neglected. I know that I hear of many cases in the news of all sorts of children and adults (even animals) being discovered as being hurt in all kinds of different ways. I just pray that God would expose all of the ones who are being hurt in any way, and that He would deliver them into the hands of Christian men and women who will lavish them with the Love of Jesus. Healing them physically, mentally and spiritually. Bring them to salvation and use them to bring glory to His name. Because God is Good, I know He is the one delivering them all. Praise God! Rhondalyn Burns
    • Hi Rhondalyn,

      Thanks for sharing what's on your heart concerning children. I believe the Lord gave you this burden to pray for them, as He gave me the same desire to pray for them.
      Further to what you are praying, I pray daily that God will expose those who have hurt them, and cause the pedophiles to be arrested, and rescue the victims {who are the children}.

      To answer Marsha's request to know if God has answered my prayers, yes, I can see the results. I am an avid international news watcher, and since I started this prayer a few years ago for the children, I see on TV the arrests of many child abusers. I also see different organizations taking action to stop the abuse in their own countries. I thank God for prompting me to take up this pray for the young.

      Janet H E Lim
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