Prayer (3)

Preparing the Soil...

Take a minute--and consider the message of the attached Prayer Minute--on 'Preparing the Soil'--then consider the reflection questions below.



Why is it important for hearts to be prepared to hear God’s word?


Why is prayer important f

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PM#0267 Prayers Can Help Others

 Take a minute and listen to the attached video, then consider the reflection questions.

Reflection Questions:


Why is it important to pray specifically?


Many of us pray general prayers—and often we are given only general specifics to pray for.  

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Prayer as a way to show care?

Take a minute and listen to the attached video and consider the reflection questions.



Prayer—A Way to Show God’s Love

I Peter 5:7


Did you know that prayer is a way you can care for people?


When someone has a need, many will ask what can

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