Are we Blessing Others?

PM#0400 Blessing Others Heb 3:13


Have you ever met a person who is having a bad day?


Probably most of us have met a person like that.  You know, there a many ways we could respond to them, but I would like you to consider the following.  Find a way to bless the other person and help them smile.  It just may bring a ray of encouragement and sunshine to them.


There is a song that says “Make me a blessing to someone today”.  Think about it.  Perhaps that should be our prayer. 


Father, I ask you to help me bless my friend who is having a bad day.  May that blessing be encouragement that will help him to smile.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Take a moment and reflect on the following question—How alert are we to what concerns others—or are we really focused on our own personal interests?  In all honesty—what would bring more fulfillment to you—your personal interests or taking the time to help someone else?


When we bless others, we may find significant fulfilment in our personal life—a fulfilment that helps us reach out to more people.  Maybe that is why our Lord encouraged us to bless others—no matter the situation.


PM#400 Blessing Others Hebrews 3 vs 13-e.mp4

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