"Imagine what will happen to the world when a movement of people across the country multiply their God-given potential for generosity."

We develop the power of Generosity in people's lives

We believe you are more generous than you give yourself credit for. We also believe you have the potential to do a lot more good through your generosity.

We give you a personalized Generosity Plan for growing your generosity potential

This is created from our journey with you as we listen to your story, share meaningful conversations, learn about your financial situation and bring our team’s expertise to guide you.


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Mike and Karen Leone: Making Generosity A Lifestyle

Mike and Karen Leone: Making Generosity A Lifestyle     PHIL Miglioratti @ The Reimagine.Network >>> What was it about Dynamis that captured your interest?   MIKE & KAREN Leone >>>Dennis came to me a few years ago with an idea…creating a 501c3 that would help individuals, couples and communities learn more about the power of generosity, and also help people plan and be more intentional around giving of their time, talent and treasures. Karen and I were very intrigued, and also felt a calling…

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Ben Berg: Growing Your Generosity Potential

Ben Berg: Growing Your Generosity Potential   Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Ephesians 3:20   PHIL Miglioratti @ The Reimagine.Network >>> What have we forgotten about generosity that needs to be rediscovered in our families and ministries?   BEN Berg Dynamis Coach >>> Generosity is way more simple and impactful than we may think. As part of our Generosity Plan process we ask participants…

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Where Generosity Begins

The Kitchen Table Written by Dynamis Ministries   Let’s start with a question: When you think of the word “generosity,” what image comes to mind? Maybe it’s an open hand or a cornucopia table ornament. Maybe it’s a dollar bill or a growing plant. Perhaps a person’s face comes up who embodies generosity. It may be that you think of your grandma pouring second helpings of her tasty food on your dinner plate. No matter what the image, the word “generosity” can conjure…

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Instructing Generosity

Instructing Generosity Written by Dynamis Ministries   The Star Wars saga is a classic tale of good vs. evil that has captivated followers for the past 40 years. Among all the subplots and spinoffs, one thread that is crucial to the story is the relationship between the wise mentor Yoda and his mentee, Luke Skywalker. Yoda trains Luke to become the leader and warrior he was destined to be in order to help defeat the Evil Empire. Along this journey, Yoda imparts…

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