Mike and Karen Leone: Making Generosity A Lifestyle



PHIL Miglioratti @ The Reimagine.Network >>> What was it about Dynamis that captured your interest?



MIKE & KAREN Leone >>>Dennis came to me a few years ago with an idea…creating a 501c3 that would help individuals, couples and communities learn more about the power of generosity, and also help people plan and be more intentional around giving of their time, talent and treasures. Karen and I were very intrigued, and also felt a calling to be more intentional and thoughtful around our own generosity.  Throughout our lives we have multiple examples of how my life has been impacted by the generosity of others, and being a small part of Dynamis Ministries is a great vehicle to help pay forward those blessings.



"Our real potential is greater than what any of us would set on our own.

We need God and each other to realize our best generosity."


PHIL >>> How has the Dynamis plan helped you integrate generosity into your values and impacted different sectors of your lifestyle?


MIKE >>>The Dynamis plan has helped us be more thoughtful and intentional around our giving.  It has also helped us develop a plan and road map for our giving by identifying areas of our lives where we have a passion and a desire to be more generous and supportive, as well as it has challenged us to be more generous with the gifts that He has provided us. 



PHIL >>> One more thing you'd like to share with church leaders to help them reimagine the potential of integrating generosity in their ministry...


MIKE >>>As Dennis mentioned in his interview…if you were to play a “word game” around generosity, most people (myself Included) would say “money”.  I believe continuing to teach, and nudge (as Dennis put it) people around the power of generosity in terms of time, talents and treasures it will create a substantially more generous community.  We all have so much potential that can be unleashed, and everything we have has been given to us by Him, and we should continue to challenge ourselves to be more like Him.


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