INTROCUCTION to Children and Prayer


Welcome to the Children and Prayer Course.


A challenge was presented to me a few years ago—and the challenge was to find a way to explain the spiritual heart in a way that children could understand.


To many children and adults, the heart is a physical organ that pumps blood.  This concept is sometimes referred to as a  “concrete” concept of the heart.


Understanding the spiritual heart is different and this course is designed to offer a way to help teachers, parents, and ministers to be able to explain the spiritual heart.  It also explains what it means to invite Jesus into one’s spiritual heart. 


The course is written with written lessons and also has a podcast for every lesson.  Some of the podcasts are presented as if the podcast is being used to teach children.  This type of presentation should be an example of one way the concept of the lesson can be taught.


The lessons and podcasts follow the course document that is titled:  the ‘Heart’ that explains the heart using the Hebrew word for heart, going back to the time of Abraham.  The meaning of the word for heart is derived from those Hebrew Letters and the Letters used in the time of Abraham. 


You may wonder why we went back to Hebrew.  We attempted to get back to the oldest meaning of the word heart.  Meanings of words have changed over the years, and sometimes there has been so much change that the meaning today is not close to the original meaning.  Therefore—with that understanding—let’s move forward with the course lessons.


The lessons focus being thankful—especially as it relates to a home, that Jesus Cares for us, What Jesus wants of us and how prayer helps, That Jesus is our Friend, and provides basic instruction on helping Children invite Jesus into their spiritual heart. 


As you work each lesson, take time to write a few reflection thoughts and work through the activities recommended for each lesson to help teach children to pray.


May the Lord bless you in leading children to the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.


For Teacher Training: 


Teacher Training is always recommended even though the podcast do present  the course material simply.


In teacher training—it would be helpful to listen to each podcast and after each podcast, it is recommended that there be a discussion time let by a moderator. 


The course uses the meanings of the letters for the Hebrew word for heart to help children (and adults too) to learn about their spiritual heart.  The course booklet contains both the lessons and the document on the Hebrew word for heart.


Encourages prayer.


What it means to invite Jesus into their heart.

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