Do you know how to say "No"?

Ever have someone ask you to help out with a bake-sale, or to teach a class, baby-sit, or do something for them or the church? You don't have time and you really wouldn't want to do it anyway, but you can't say "No." You're afraid they'll think you're "unchristian," selfish or a bad person. You want to say "No," but it sticks in your throat and you hear yourself saying, "Yes," or worse, "Maybe," and then getting talked into "Yes."


Now, think about someone you respect who says "No," all the time and no one is offended, angry or thinks less of them. What's the difference? Boundaries. Priorities. Practice and the art of knowing how to say "No," in a way that doesn't punish or shame the asker.  When is it hard for you to say "No."? List your struggles and let's role play some possible responses! Or, share YOUR tips for saying "No," in a positive, loving way.

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