We are a nation-wide prayer group dedicated to saving America. We conduct a daily virtual prayer meeting in The White House accessible from our web site. We also sponsor National Prayer Force One Sunday, the Sunday before each national election.
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  • Ed,,

    Veterans Day is upon us--I don't know if the following fits in your organization, but I have been encouraging all of us to be praying for our Vets on Veterans Day Tomorrow and in the future. I placed an item about praying for our Vets on Pray!Network Blog. If that can be any help to you and those praying with you, please feel free to use it. Veterans Day is upon us and many vets do need our prayers.

    LTC Lewis Turner USAR retired
  • Your absolutely right, for "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." (Proverb 29:2)
  • Ed,

    I encourage you to see my post and comments in the Intercessor's Group of this network that I made today--encouraging prayer for the United States Primaries and to vote. Prayer for the primaries is definitely needed.

  • Ed,

    Primary election time is here--I have searched my local papers for information on candidates--but that has been somewhat scanty--and limited on just a few issues--not the whole spectrum. I talked about the pr0blem with a candidate who goes to my church--he is a candidate for Delegate to the Maryland Legislature.

    I know you may not be able to focus on local races--but we do need good information on how to vote both in local and NATIONAL races.

    That information is very helpful in praying for the decisions that we face in the upcoming elections. Look forward to your input.

  • Ed, I had encouraged the intercessor group to keep in touch with your web sight to help them in praying for the political races coming up.

    We do need to pray for our leaders.
  • Ed

    I have share the following on Prayer Leaders and the Intercessory prayer groups: "Please pray for Prayer Force One as we launch the 2010 National Prayer Force One Sunday theme and unveil the poster for this effort. Prayer Force One Sunday is the Sunday before each national election. (every two years) We are excited about this year's theme and believe God revealed it to us in a most extraordinary way. Look for the announcement and story on Fathers' Day."

    I know this is the start this year of much activity for you--please keep us posted. I chose this way to to let you know --also so others could see the request who are not apart of the mention groups where I shared the request.

    May the Lord guide you as you move forward in prayer for our elected officials and the elections coming up. In Jesus' Name, Amen


  • I just placed your prayer request on the Intercessor group and the Prayer Leaders Group for prayer and introduction to your ministry. I know several will be praying for your efforts to pray for elected officials.


    Lewis Turner
  • Hi Lewis,

    We would be honored to share requests and both receive and offer prayers with our new praying friends. The first and most pressing request is for wisdom and favor as we plan and promote "National Prayer Force One Sunday", which is the Sunday before each national election. This year the date happens to fall on Sunday, Oct. 31. We will be printing and offering participation kits designed around the chosen theme.

    Blessings In Christ, Ed Moore, Prayer Force One
  • Ed,

    As you travel around the country, encouraging people to pray for their elected officials, would you be willing to share some prayer needs? I will be glad to present them to the Intercessor's group for prayer as the Lord leads.


    Lewis Turner
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Praying for Elected Officials-Helps in Praying

I have seen many who disagree with an elected official and because of that disagreement may be very slow to pray for that official, or if they pray, pray in judgment.  It seems like our personal prejudices are affecting our prayers for them.  The Bible says to pray for those in authority "that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty"  I Tim 2:2.Even if we have strong feelings-especially negative feelings toward the elected official, the question is: How should we…

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