Only Jesus Can Save

LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE {Venturing into entities with Creation power} you can go to places where there is great need and by the virtue of the call you bear you can be a solution, The teaching and preaching of God’s word transforms lives through the wonder working Power of God, these is what has molded and made me influential with the supernatural ability to direct, Empower, Equip, mentor and eventual exercise the Apostolic Fatherhood and Adoption. Romans 8:18 states that the earnest expectation of creation waiteth for the manifestation of the Sons of God and the 21century prophet Lester Sumrall prophesied that global leadership ambassadors gone be the black raced men from Africa due to confirm and fulfill all that the scripture spoke in Songs of Solomon 1:6{do not stare at me because am Black{swarthy} the sun burned me, my mothers son’s were angry with me and they made me caretaker\keeper of vineyard but my own vineyard I left un Attended} Africa black raced Nationals have lived in rigor Slavery, colonization and religious oppression for long time but in these End time the scriptures is getting fulfilled in Africa. There is new breed of leaders, new seed or wineskins to take over and initiative frontline moves to transform these generation and time, today I have confirmed and experienced all these and even my international friends have endorsed and partook of what am carrying Through ministry delegation mandate, today I can say truly God has given me Vision and Power to lead many building and planting them to diverse entities to destinations

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