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  • Amen. At some point years ago I stopped using devotional books for my personal time with the Lord. (my wife and I still use them for our devotions together) I like to read the Word at a leisurely pace, stop and study things that catch my attention, and then listen.
    I have a friend who was paralyzed from the waste down a few years ago in an accident. A couple of years later I asked him how the whole experience had changed his prayer life. He said without even having to think about it, "I listen more."
  • I just started using the devotional "Jesus Calling" from Sara Young. To read her personal messages from God really inspire me to spend time with Him in more than a "normal" prayer time. I long to hear from Him and am learning to be still and wait to hear His voice. Although it seems that the messages I get happen when I get busy again - like driving to work!! But it is amazing to spend time with God and to truly hear from Him......and to know that it's Him!! Praise to our Holy, Holy, Holy God!
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