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Over the course of the last 7 months, the weekly prayer meeting I lead at our church has grown from 6-10 people to 20-25 each week, about 20% of our regular Sunday morning attendance.

There are a number of reasons for that growth, but I think one in particular stands out.

Below I share what that is in my article "Best Way to Change Prayer Meetings for the Better."I also share information on an ebook I wrote "Developing Dynamic Prayer Meetings." See how you can get the PDF below.





Best Way to Change Prayer Meetings for the Better

By Jon Graf

There are lots of issues involved when a church is bogged down in a prayer meeting rut. And there is no simple fix to make an existing prayer meeting that is dull, exciting. But in almost every situation, there is one change you can make that will vastly improve the prayer.

What is it? . . .


Learn How to Develop Dynamic Prayer Meetings

Praying together was a mark of the early church. Most Western churches today struggle to have group prayer that is powerful and draws people to participate. In this special 40-page e-book, Jonathan Graf, president of the Church Prayer Leaders Network shares helpful thoughts and ideas to make your church's group prayer come to life!


Easily Teach Your People to Pray Scripture

Solid Foundation is a practical tool to help you both understand the power of praying Scripture and learn to pray God's Word over the daily situations you and your loved ones face.

This is an expanded edition of our popular booklet that includes most of the text of the theme section of Issue 3 of Prayer ConnectMagazine. This new, larger edition has an additional chapter, "Prayer That Brings God Glory" by Kim Butts.

There are study questions included which makes this a great resource for a small group or Sunday school class.

Its multiple copy discounts make it easily affordable for your entire congregation!


Pray for Schools in Your Community This Fall!

Our kdis and schools need prayer! Rally your congregation to pray as the kids in your city go back to school this fall.

Our new prayer guide for 2023-2024 school year, Reclaim a Generation Volume 2 has just been released and is perfect to get your people focused on the issues and needs of schools.

Why not schedule a 21-day prayer initiative this fall and have your entire congregation pray over the kids and schools in your community!

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