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I'm witing to a few who are men of prayer and have provided great resources for prayer. I just got off the phone with a pastor who is facing major conflict. This is the second time in three months. His first pastorate, he has made some rookie mistakes. I'm not sure he can survive. However, he has agreed to see what a concentrated prayer effort can do to at least launch a healing process for the church, whether or not he stays.
My ask — do you have an outline or prayer guide(s) I can share with him? The church has a regularly scheduled night of prayer this Sunday, September 22. They have been using resources from The 6:4 Fellowship for the once a month prayer time. I am looking for something that will start the healing process. 
Thank you.
Embraced by His grace...
All for His glory,
From Phi Miiglioratti ~ This is a template that gives focus and direction intended to serve a Spirit-led, Scripture-fed, Worship-bred, Corporate-said experience.
*Welcome And Instructions
 -We have gathered to pray but explain openly why
 -How will we pray? ... 
       >with every song we sing (use lyrics that speak directly to God)
       >with every scripture we read (tell people to bring a Bible, then give them opportunities to read/pray a verse or short passage)
       >in small circles and as one group
 -Everone is a participant and is expected to contribute (sing, pray, share a scripture)
 -Each segment is a mixture of song, scripture, supplication; each embodies praise and thanksgiving, confession and lament, petition and surrender
 -NO sermon; this is a talking and listening to God experience
 -Ask everyone to stand 
 -Ask everyone to pray as you give them direction:
     -Jesus, we gather in your name to present ourselves and our church to the Father ... (now, everyone pray these thoughts silently in your own words)
     -Now, repeat after me: 
          >Holy Spirit, we yield to you;
          >fill us, 
          >reveal our sins to us,
          >give us courage to speak these truths in prayer,
          >and give us ears to hear you
          >so that,
          >this is not a one-way conversation 
     -Now recite with me ... Our Father in Heaven ... (Lead everyone in the Lord’s Prayer
     -Segue into the next segment with a song ...
 -Sing words that declare God’s greatness, majesty, holiness, authority
 -Read/Recite scriptures that declare the attributes of our Lord
 -Pray prayers of praise (declaring who God is) and Thanksgiving (gratitude for what God has done for us (NO requests or petitions yet!)
 -Repeat the same format but with a focus on describing/confessing our corporate weaknesses, hard heartedness and sins of disobedience 
 -Invite or pre-assign a reading of scripture
 -Pray aloud in small groups
 -Debrief: “What did the Holy Spirit lead you to pray about?”
          [This is the foundation of what you will pray in the next segment]
          [Segue with a song]
 -Ask the Spirit to reveal the mind of Christ to you so we pray the same concerns Jesus has for our church (“Help us see ourselves as you see us Lord”) (individually) 
 -Seek to discern the leading of the Spirit: Be silent. Read scripture. Sing a song together that asks for guidance. Instruct everyone to write down what they have been led to pray; listen in silence (individually)
 -Knock. Test what you have heard by asking those assembled to share what they wrote .., then move into groups and pray those insights ... have someone collate a list that can be used in future prayer and can be shared with the leaders and congregation 
 -Sing a song appropriate to where the praying has taken you. Commitment? Celebration. Sorrow.
 -Share an appropriate scripture 

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  • Phil,

    Corporate issues like the situation you shared often have deep roots.  In addition to the above, I would encourage reading the book 'Healing the Heart of Your Church' by Dr. Kenneth Quick.  I met Dr Quickl a number of years back, and his ministry is focused on the very issue that you describe above.  I have followed his work, and when people are willing to follow the Lord, corporate issues can be healed.

    • Thanks for this good counsel!

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