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Paul urges us, first of all, to pray for all people. As we make our requests, we are to plead for God¹s mercy upon them and give thanks. We are to pray this way for Presidents and for all who have authority so that we can have quiet and peaceful lives.² 1 Timothy 2:1-2

What Would It Be Like To Live In A Prayed-For City?

  • A town where every boy and girl are being prayed for by name.
  • A suburb where every household is assigned to someone for daily prayer.
  • A neighborhood whose streets have been prayerwalked.
  • A community where believers gather in homes to pray for their neighbors
  • A city of congregations who have caught the vision to pray for by name every man and woman, youth, and that...they will be open to and interested in the good news of eternal life in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

What Would It Be Like To Live In A Prayed-For City?

  • Would mayors and city councils be favorable to new church plants?
  • Would gangs begin to lose members to the church?
  • Would families begin to eat meals together?
  • Would school classrooms become places of respect and learning?
  • Would neighbors begin to communicate and help one another?
  • Would congregations change the spiritual atmosphere by serving the community?
  • Would children and youth look to the Church for entertainment and enlightenment?
  • Would the police be known as those who serve and protect all people?
  • Would Christians pray over people they meet on the streets, in stores, at school?
  • Would spiritual awakening be the lead story on the evening news?

What Would It Take To Live In A Prayed-For City?

  • Pastors take the time to meet together with Jesus in a Pastors¹ Prayer Group
  • Hundreds of congregations commit to becoming Houses of Prayer
  • Prayer Coordinators in every church begin new prayer groups and ministries
  • Concerts of Prayer in every district bring several congregations together for prayer
  • Church Planters initiate many new and very different church starts
  • Intercessors pray every day for new churches to begin and to be blessed
  • Church members in every church are mobilized into Lighthouses of prayer
  • Pastors declare prayer as the basis of ministry, not an added or specialized ministry
  • Christian business persons meet in office buildings to pray for co-workers
  • Church leadership promotes workshops & seminars designed to equip pray-ers

What Would It Take For YOU To Live In A Prayed-For City?

  • Are you serious when you pray "Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven"-?
  • Are you sure ³God is able to do above and beyond anything you dare to ask² -?
  • Are you secretly content with the status quo of your life, your church, your impact?
  • Are you resistant to the challenge because you know it is life-threatening?
  • Are you even aware that you do not live in a prayed for city?
  • Are you even curious, to experience even one day in a prayed for city?
  • Are we, the alive-in-Christ, willing to die so the dead-in-their-sin may live?

How will we ever pray for these millions upon millions of lost people?

I¹ll pray for my neighbors. You pray for yours. House by house. Name by name.

I¹ll ask those I serve to pray for their neighbors. You ask those in your church or class, group or ministry to pray for their¹s...

People with faces who live next door, across the alley, upstairs and down the street.

Lord, we ask for the joy of living in a prayed for city, so those who do not even know they need you, begin to search for the One who is their way to truth and life; Jesus.

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