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"So That" Praying

Phil takes us to the Lord's Prayer in John 17 to discover how Jesus prayed for his own needs but in a radically different way.

"So that" praying has the potential of changing how we think when we pray in corporate and personal settings.

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  • Had a few minutes between tasks and stumbled on this sermon - powerful stuff.  I've been hanging out in Jude 1:20-21 for a few days - your message sheds light on the meaning of that verse.

  • Perfect text Jim!


  • Phil, thank you for the "So that" prayer presentation.

    I tried to find the discussion/blog where you wrote some notes re "So that" prayers, but I can't find it. Can you please put it up again? It was on the Pray Network. I had a copy of it on my computer, but due to my computer crashing, I lost the notes. 

    Thank you so much!

    God bless.

    • Malva,

      If I remember correctly, the content is in this video:


      The basic concept is simple: Since we too often conclude our prayers after we have explained the need or problem to God, we stop with an 'Amen.' By adding "so that" to our prayer before we stop, we allow the Holy Spirit to move us forward toward or into God's prupose, plan or promise that applies to the situation. "Help my friend...so that...they can live out their purpose/calling you have given them.

      Hope this is beneficial,


      e-quip.net - "So That" Praying
      • Yes thank you Phil.

        Lord, please give us Your peace, so that we can be a blessing of peace to others,

        and so that You will be glorified.

        Thank You, in Jesus' Name, amen.

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