Is this the beginning of the peace talked about in Daniel?


As I understand it - but could be confused:

The seven year end-times period begins with the peace treaty of prophecy (called the covenant with death). The peace treaty will be between Israel and the surrounding nations, brokered by international powers. Israel will give away land in exchange for an internationally guaranteed peace. Half of Jerusalem will be given away. According to Aljazeera news and other news I am reading today, this is happening now.


According to prophesy, Israel will be given half of the Temple Mount on which to build a Temple, unobstructed by Moslems as part of this peace agreement. The evidence is that a wall will be built just north of the Dome of the Rock, separating the Temple Mount into a Jewish section and a Moslem section. However, a Rabbi I know who is in Israel right now says that won't happen because the Jews won't consider anything but possession of the entire Temple Mount - that the ground there is so holy they won't even visit it - and would never agree to just "half" of the mount. The entire temple would have to be rebuild and all kinds of cleansing of the site must occur for them to utilize the site and build the temple.


There is constant news of the "land swap" being considered between Israel and Palestine - including this story about the "Napkin map." and just an hour ago this, about Palestinian concessions of land. I know the exact time of the end is not and can not be known, but God also tells us to "Watch and be prepared." so I'm watching!! I just want to know what to watch for!


I've read that:

"In the middle of the end-times 7 year period, a person called the beast (antichrist) will forcibly stop the literal sacrifices and grain offerings taking place at the Jewish Temple. He will falsely declare himself to be God on earth and demand worship. This is the abomination of desolation."


I'm seeing more and more speculation that the "King of the North" is the United States and the Catholic church who are the anti-christ.


I'd like to know more. Anyone willing to jump in with an opinion?




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  • Becky -  Not all truth is of the same importance. The doctrine of Salvation is more important than  End time teaching- at least in the "now". 

    There has been quite a lot of speculation about the End times and some things are not actually taught in the Bible but it is the imagination of man.

    I would recommend you read " The Truth about Armageddon" by William Sanford Lasor (1982)and published by Harper and Louw. He gives a balanced view on the Subject

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