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Dr. Miranda introduces Phil Miglioratti, who recently came to Boston to minister at a conference for the New England Southern Baptist Convention.

Phil shares how he sets up resources for pastors in conjunction with the National Pastor's Prayer Network and The 6:4 Fellowship. These organizations have originated from the exhortation in Acts 6:4, calling ministers to attend to the ministry of prayer and the word. Phil also works with the Mission America Coalition, a ministry that hosted the City Impact Round Table event here in Boston, a few years ago. Phil elaborates concerning the different protocols that prayer requires in diverse settings. In describing the difference between individual versus corporate prayer,

Roberto affirms, "It is a dance and it's an art." Phil expounds, "Prayer is one of the few things in the church that we just assume that everyone knows how to do .... well that's wonderful, but it doesn't mean that a person knows how to pray."

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  •  Glad to know about this connection David! 

  • Nice connection David!

  • This is wonderfull! I especially liked the notion of the "Dance" of corporate prayer.

    Years ago I was at the Promise Keepers event in Washington D.C. And a group from Lion of Juda stayed in the same church dormatory as I. I met Dr. Miranda, and was hugely blessed by his Spirit.

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