Tribulation Delusions 6 of 6

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Episode 2 on Steve Wohlberg's most comprehensive book on Bible prophecy, End Time Delusions, offers a compelling alternative to the New York Times bestsellin...

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  • A solid study and interpretation of Daniel 70 week prophecy.  Unfortunatly it does not explain why the apostle John received an explisit prophecy for all mankind during this last period of time we are enduring now. We certainly must prepare for a tribulation! Everything in our world is building up for this critical time period. The tribulation is absolutely no delusion but part of Gods judgement for this world.

  • The rapture is next and seven years of tribulation which is called the time of jacobs trouble and judgement for this world!

  • False Doctrines always vary from the meaning expressed in scripture. Some colourful speakers can be very convincing. The Holy Scriptures taken in full context are perfect and without man's spin !

    What I believe or what you believe only counts if it is in complete harmony with the Word of the Lord.

    Thy Word is Truth !

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