You Can Know the Holy Spirit!

No one was more skeptical of the supernatural than I. Raised in a world governed by the intellect, I was trained from an early age to focus on learning and self-development while rejecting emotionalism and spiritual “fanaticism.” Truth was limited to what could be discerned through science or the five physical senses alone.          

In fact, when I finally discovered the Holy Spirit, the very first “label” my family put on me was that of a “fanatic.” Never mind that I hadn’t actually done anything worthy of that label yet; my confession of faith in the third person of the Trinity was enough to worry them! 

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  • Thank you, Malva, for reading and commenting. I appreciate the encouragement! Blessings to you today. 


  • Deborah, thank you for this very encouraging blog.

    May His Presence keep on blessing you and others through you.

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