The Test of Love


Despite all of our divisions and denominations, the great test for every Christian is the test of love. Can we love without judging, when our brother believes differently than we do? Can we rejoice in the preaching of the gospel by those "less qualified" than ourselves? Can we allow for differences of opinion and interpretation while still agreeing on the essentials of the faith? 

This is the great test for every Christian: not simply to preach the gospel ourself, but to allow others to preach Christ in the knowledge they have attained, however limited. Paul recognized this in his letter to the Philippians. Instead of being upset by those who preached Christ out of "selfish ambition" or even contention, he rejoiced that the gospel was being preached at all! (SeePhilippians 1:15-18). Sometimes, even those who attack our faith end up drawing more attention to it, instead of causing its demise.

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  • Stephanie, 

    I agree that it's love that will win the lost, not division. It's the simplest of all messages, and yet the hardest to live out! :-) 

  • My Pastor spoke on God's love and that it is the antidote to all conflict. We need to show love more amongst the body of Christ, so we can help the lost be saved.

                       Too many divisions, the harvest is so ripe!

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