The joy of lost ones turning to God

9651016470?profile=originalWe sometimes find it difficult and challenging to pray with real faith and love for Muslim people. Struggles with unbelief, anger or fear keep us from voicing what God longs to do for them. Most of us have Muslim friends or neighbors. How can we pray with real hope that God will fulfill all He has promised for these people who are so precious to Him?
Our God is continually on a “search and rescue” mission. If you were to read Luke 15, you would quickly see how Jesus describes God relentlessly seeking the people He has lost. God wants us to open our hearts to sense with Him His deep yearning for those so dear to Him. Our prayers can be empowered by His amazing joy when lost ones turn to Him again. 
This year Ramadan is June 28-July 27. This is an ideal time to pray for Muslim people as it is a when they are seeking God in special ways. Beginning on June 28, 30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World prayer guide will help everyday Christians learn how to pray for Muslim people to know and follow Jesus Christ. This guide will help you pray with informed wisdom and hope for Muslim neighbors across the street, as well as Muslims around the world.
Check out some sample pages of the full-color, illustrated guide, and place your order at The Just for Kids edition, with many fun activities, is also available. It is easy to order online for your church and family.
Let’s join our faith with believers around the world as we pray for God’s light to shine in the darkest of places. Let’s stand firm in faith, asking God to exert His amazing excellence of calling Muslim peoples out of darkness into His marvelous light.
Stephanie Tucker


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