The Celebration of Jesus

As Western Easter celebrations began this week and proceed through the month of April to Eastern Orthodox Easter on May 1st; pray that there will be many chances to tell the story of Jesus's death, burial, and resurrection to friends. This story; fundamental to our faith, is not accepted by most who live in the AP. Pray for many discussions. Pray that God will stir the hearts of those who hear this story to believe it.
Please pray for a college student, *Youssef, who has become close friends with his professor *David. Youssef has heard the gospel from him at a restaurant off-campus.  The friendship remains warm.  Pray that Youssef will return to thoughts of the Cross and be saved.  (*name changed for anonymity)
"This is what is written: The Messiah will suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in His name to all nations, beginning in Jerusalem."  
- Luke 24:46-47
Pray for believers who have no believing community around them during this Easter Season. Pray that they will take comfort that the Risen Lord never leaves them nor forsakes them. Pray that they will soon be able to worship with a group who knows the Savior.
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