Teaching from a Prayer Bench

I first saw one in a friend’s “Prayer Room” (a middle bedroom of his house), then I saw another one in a colleague’s office. How unique, I thought.  So, I searched until I found my own Prayer Bench and fit it into my Seminary office. I had long believed, and then taught, the discipline of place, in private prayer.  After all, Jesus repeatedly went to specific places to pray (Mark 1:35; Luke 22:39-40). Among other subjects, I kept my class seating charts on the bench, and knelt there to pray for my students before each class, firmly believing that it is best to talk to God about people before talking to people about God.  It was a private place that saw only private times of prayer - or so I thought.  I recently spoke in a church pastored by a former student and was amazed and touched to see him stand before his people and emotionally share what it had meant to him to know that one of his professors had a prayer bench on which he prayed for his students.  Then he told of making his own such prayer bench for his office.  I always expected to teach when standing in front of students in a classroom.  I had not thought about teaching through a simple prayer bench, placed in my office.  Be careful this week, for you know not when, where, or how you teach. 


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