Most of us are eagerly awaiting the results of tomorrow's national elections, especially for President. We have no doubt prayed for change, that truth would prevail and that God's hand would be on our country. Hopefully we have also voted or will cast our vote before the polls close.

But what if our candidate loses?  What if we don't see the results we had hoped for? Will we be any different?  I hope not. Yes, we may face circumstances we'd rather not encounter or we could see things improve dramatically. We may endure trials and tribulations that we've not seen for a long time or have abundant prosperity.

But if circumstances are what change how we truly feel, really live and look at life, our priorities are misguided. I want to suggest that no matter the outcome we can and must still live and pray in P-E-A-C-E.

The P stands for PURPOSE.  God put us all here for a reason and gave us a purpose or purposes to live out while on earth.  One election does not change that. One man in office does not have the power to thwart his plan.

The E stands for EXAMPLE.  We can and must still be like Christ. He told us we are to be His examples, to live like him, no matter what.

The A stands for ADORATION.  Worship Him no matter your circumstances.  Let everything you do be an act of praise to the Lord of the Universe.

The C stands for CARE.  Never quit caring in Jesus' name for those all around you. Ofter our compassion for the world is our open door to sharing the Gospel that compels us to love.

The second E stands for ENDURE.  We are told we will have to face hardship and challenges but how we respond and the way we trust God through those trials speaks volumes to the world around us.

So, we'll all be watching to see what happens. But peace can win out no matter the outcome.

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